Heading North from Glen Loth

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by marianne dey

Acrylic on board

h: 40 w: 124 d: 5 (cms).

I was so struck by this view, the immense folding blanket of land that comes down to meet the lower flat fields of the river Helmsdale. Then the richness of patterns and marks which combine to show the natural and human history of the place was deeply moving. My interest and connection to the place continues with research into the clearances, the geology and the spiritual significance of the area. The unsettling use of colour in this painting helps to express the wildness of the land.It seeks to reflect the turbulence, and massive forces that have shaped it. The exaggerated lines track its geography as well as seeking out the patterns inflicted by man. Its message yells out; This existed long before man and will continue to when man has gone. This painting reflects the sense of awe that wild places evoke, and its intention is to remind us that we are lucky now, if we can experience the truly wild

£135 (Unframed.)

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