Sheep Shelter Camera Projection

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by Tara Drummie BA (Hons)

Duration print of camera obscura interior, displayed on lightbox

h: 60 w: 90 d: 3 (cms).

Displayed is the projected image inside Drummie’s camera obscura ‘Sheep Shelter Camera’ from the series 'Harvesting Light'. The structure was built on a croft utilising a diesel tank, a steel gate, rotted wood, nettle stems and mud. One corroded hole in the diesel tank was left exposed to function as the aperture, projecting an image of the external croft onto the rusty internal wall. ‘Harvesting Light’ is a series of camera obscuras created by Outer Hebrides based artist Tara Drummie. The work is inspired by the rare machair prevalent on the Isle of North Uist, where geology, climate and topography combined with low-intensity human cultivation over millennia yield a fertile eco-system, attracting a wide variety of wildlife. The work reflects a collaboration between the more-than-human assemblages of the machair and Drummie, motivated by a symbiotic relationship with the land. Each structure (camera) was made exclusively from materials found on site, embracing the environment as the medium to record itself. Drummie dissembled the works and disposed of harmful debris upon completion, raising awareness on consumption and waste and encouraging biodiversity to thrive as it should. A camera obscura is a rudimentary optical instrument consisting of a dark chamber and a small round hole known as an aperture. Light travels in a straight line through the aperture and projects an upside-down image of the outside environment onto a wall within the chamber.

£2400 (Unframed.)

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