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by fenneke wolters-sinke SSA

Artists' book

h: 20 w: 20 d: 4 (cms).

Artists' book made with 3D print technology; lasercut birch plywood (3mm) front cover, laser engraved back cover and Giclee prints from laser engraved acrylic sheets (2 and 3 mm) as etching plates. 24 handpulled prints on Xcut Xpress with Caligo safewash ink have been reproduced, combined in 12 signatures and then handbound with a coptic stitch in green linen thread. Trees are not just individual entities within an ecosystem; they form the structural and functional backbone of wild places, shaping the very essence of these landscapes. As the largest and longest-living organisms on the planet, they are vital in shaping and sustaining the ecosystems they inhabit. They provide habitat and sustenance for countless species, mitigating climate change, stabilising soils, and purifying the air and water. One of the most crucial contributions of trees to wild places lies in their ability to support biodiversity. Trees provide shelter, nesting sites and food sources for a diverse array of organisms, ranging from insects and birds to mammals and fungi. In doing so, they foster complex ecological interactions and enable the coexistence of numerous species within their canopies, branches and root systems. Furthermore, trees play a crucial role in regulating the Earth's climate. Through the process of photosynthesis, forests act as crucial carbon sinks, storing vast amounts of carbon that would otherwise contribute to the greenhouse effect and global warming. Wild places provide the essential habitats that sustain tree populations, offering them freedom to thrive and fulfill their ecological roles. In turn, trees contribute to wild places by supporting biodiversity, regulating climate patterns and preserving the integrity of these invaluable landscapes.


Please Note: Not all the originals are for sale. Please contact wildspace@johnmuirtrust.org to be put in touch with the artist. Prices may vary from those listed online. 

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