Into the bog

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by Vojta Hýbl

Gouache and watercolour on paper

h: 13 w: 22 d: 1 (cms).

Where can we find wildness? While most people pass quickly through the area between Quinag and Loch Glencoul, I navigated my way through bog in an attempt to map the famous geology of the Moine Thrust Zone. This map shows these two different experiences. Black marks the constant stream of cars and campervans as they drive on the A894, sometimes stopping for a brief look at the Allt Chrànaidh waterfall. They don't stay for long. The golden thread follows where I walked over two days. I strayed off the main path; I was free to walk around and explore. While looking for gneiss and sandstone, I ended up getting to know the sundews and cottongrass. I wandered and took in all aspects of the water-soaked landscape, finding a new wild place with every step I took.


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