Hidden Links bangle 2

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by Janey Boyd

Amadou, recycled precious white metal, eco resin, birch

h: 4 w: 8 d: 8 (cms).

I am fascinated with the natural world and the beauty and complexity it exhibits. It brings me peace, excitement and wonder. I try to live in balance and harmony with it, including in my creative practice. About 6,000 years ago, humans started having a deep impact on nature. Until then we co-existed with nature – we were part of it. For me, ‘Freedom for wild places’ is not about going back in time, but is about reflecting on our place in nature and remembering that we must do our best to look after it. Recently I became curious about fungi. They are the hidden links in the natural world. Fungi and mycelium (a network of fungal threads) are all around us. They live in symbiosis with plants and trees. I’ve taken direct inspiration from fungi and mycelium, and their relationship with trees, when creating the Hidden Links collection, which this bangle is part of. With the Hidden Links collection I have created pieces that satisfy my belief in simplicity and a connection with nature. The collection aims to entice a sense of wonder. This piece is made from eco resin, recycled silver, amadou (produced by myself from fungi that I gathered), and birch wood. Amadou is central to the piece. This magical and sustainable material has been used by humans since the end of the ice age and has now found its way into my work.


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