a patchwork of beaches

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by Denis Mollison



h: 1 w: 1 d: 1 (cms).

The core freedom for wild places is to be themselves. Beaches are among the freest by this criterion – swept clear and reshaped by each tide. The patchwork of photos presented here comes from a project to visit all the beaches of the Northwest Highland Geopark. This selection comes from the beaches in its northern half, from Kylesku round Cape Wrath to Whiten Head, all in the parishes of Eddrachilles and Durness. The photos try to capture the feel of visiting these beaches, their patterns and their dynamics, particularly how they are continually reshaped by water – streams, tides and waves. The patchwork presentation works through a series of themes, from large scale through effects of light and water flows to the fine details of rocks, plants, animals and sand. There are only a few humans in these photos – only on around five of these forty beaches are you likely to meet any. And there is only a little obvious litter – its most insidious presence is the fragments of plastic present in all the sand samples. Like all wild places beaches are under threat, but their very changeability gives them resilience as well as their unique beauty.

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