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by Kathi Kamleitner PhD

Music by Jennifer Austin, Sound Design by Francesca Turauskis

Audio & Video

h: 1 w: 1 d: 1 (cms).

'Hope' is an audio-visual poem by writer Kathi Kamleitner inspired by snorkeling on the west coast of Scotland. Marine protected areas, special areas of conservation and national nature reserves in Argyll create pockets of coastline where the wild sea can be free. Free from dredging and unsustainable fishing. Free from the pollutants of fish farms and marinas. Free from interference and exploitation. We are only visitors in these places. From the shore, the sea can seem like a distant world - what goes on underneath the dark, glossy surface has nothing to do with us - or so we think. But when we put on a snorkel mask and immerse ourselves in the depths and the shallows, this alien world comes to life. We are no longer 'other' - we become a part of this eco-system and realise that we've been responsible for its freedom all along. My poem 'Hope' translates this experience into a thought-provoking story about biodiversity, fragility and participation. My aim is to connect listeners with an eco-system that is normally out of sight and out of mind. 'Hope' encourages listeners to learn about underwater landscapes and emphasises the importance of individual responsibility, stewardship and action. The poem was originally published on my podcast Wild For Scotland in December 2022 and has since been downloaded over 3,700 times. In May 2023, the piece was part of a group exhibition at the Rockfield Centre in Oban at which point, I added a video element to tie in with the visual work by other artists included. But the topic of freedom doesn't just show up in my submitted piece of work itself. It also presents itself in my work as a writer and artist. As a writer of predominantly non-fiction and nature writing producing an immersive audio poem has expanded my skillset and horizon as a creative. I draw inspiration from being out in nature. It is freeing to be immersed in the coastal environment of Scotland and be able to produce creative work about these places that resonates with people. I am fascinated by the concept of "extinction of experience" - the fact that in our modern society, we are less and less exposed to nature and lack personal connections with natural environments. In my work, such as 'Hope', I hope to encourage listeners/viewers to create these experiences and find ways to connect with nature in their own way.

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