What will you miss?

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by Tina Codling


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h: 1 w: 1 d: 1 (cms).

I rarely visit cities and urban spaces now but when I do, I notice how everyone seems to be mesmerised by a device of some kind, whether that is music blasting through Airpods or headphones, playing an electronic game, answering emails or scrolling through social media. Even when walking through the park they are chatting to someone locked inside their device, to an image on a screen. And this is now becoming normal in more rural areas and in the mountains. If you speak to someone as your paths cross or at the summit they often can’t hear you because they are plugged in to their device. Others do not want to interact because they are creating ‘content’ for their thousands of followers who may only ever see such beauty through their screens. This makes me think of what they are missing. For this piece I took some of the moments of awe and wonder I’ve witnessed or immersed myself in over the years and across the seasons and considered what it would be like to no longer experience those moments. That led to a call to action for everyone to claim their own freedom to experience wild places and in doing so help build a world where we can give those wild places the freedom to thrive. With us or without us.

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